2012 Patient Satisfaction Survey Results

GEFCC completes patient satisfaction surveys at all its Health Centers every quarter. Our benchmark for patient satisfaction is 75%.

The following are 2005-2012 results, aggregated, indicating tremendous patient satisfaction with Greater Elgin Family Care Center.


Mean for 2005-2012

1. My phone calls are answered 86%

2. The reception staff is courteous and helpful 92%

3. I was able to get a timely appointment 88%

4. I was able to communicate with the Health Center staff and have my needs understood 91%

5. Level of satisfaction with information and education regarding your medical concerns 92%

6. Level of satisfaction with the time that staff spent with me 91%

7. My phone call was returned in a timely manner by courteous staff 87%

8. I feel that the staff listened to my concerns and addressed them 92%

9. The time waiting was reasonable 86%

10. I was treated respectfully 94%

11. Rate your level of satisfaction with receiving test (X-ray and/or lab) results and recommendations in a timely manner 90%

12. Level of satisfaction that personal medical information is handled in a private and confidential manner 94%

13. Level of satisfaction with the service received by your Medical Assistant, who brings patients to rooms, takes vital signs and inquires about medical problems 93%

14. Level of satisfaction with the nursing care you received (Nursing care includes such things as bandages, injections, blood draws, patient education/instruction, and referrals?arrangements for appointments elsewhere 93%

15. Level of satisfaction with the medical care received from your health provider (the Doctor, Physician Assistant or Nurse Practitioner) 93%

16. Overall, how satisfied are you with the Health Center? 93%