GEFCC Celebrates Ribbon Cutting and Open House of New Summit Health Center

Summit Ribbon Cutting

On Thursday, July 12th, 2018 Greater Elgin Family Care Center celebrated the Ribbon Cutting of its new Summit Health Center with staff, Board Members, community partners and area elected officials.  GEFCC’s new Summit Health Center, located at 373 Summit Street in Elgin, IL opened its doors on May 21st, 2018, following the closing of GEFCC’s Slade Health Center and old Summit Health Center on May 18th, 2018.

During the Ribbon Cutting event, guests received tours of the beautiful new facility from GEFCC professionals.  GEFCC’s Summit Health Center houses 22 exam room, a full-service laboratory operated by LabCorp, and several GEFCC departments including Care Management and IT.   Tours were followed by delicious food and refreshments, a brief program and Ribbon Cutting ceremony with the Elgin Area Chamber of Commerce.

Corey Dixon, GEFCC’s Chair of the Board of Directors and City of Elgin Councilman, welcomed guests and introduced Board Members and elected officials.  Corey shared how he came to be GEFCC’s Chair of the Board.  It all began when Corey accepted an invitation from Carol Gieske to join the Elgin Area Chamber of Commerce’s Leadership Academy.  It was through his participation in the Leadership Academy that Corey met Bob Tanner, President/CEO of GEFCC, who was recruiting Board Members.  Corey joined the GEFCC Board of Directors and served for a number of years before taking on the role of Chair this year.

City of Elgin Mayor David Kaptain joined the celebration and thanked GEFCC for their hard work over the last seventeen years in providing high quality health care for the Elgin community.  Mayor Kaptain shared that the City of Elgin believes in a holistic approach to health that involves prevention as well as treatment and highlighted the importance of having health care providers such as GEFCC.

Illinois State Representative Anna Moeller was also in attendance and congratulated GEFCC on the opening of such a beautiful and spacious Community Health Center.  Representative Moeller recalled when Mr. Tanner initially reached out to her with the news that GEFCC needed to move out of the old Sherman Hospital due to unforeseen changes in the hospital’s commitment to house GEFCC.  She shared how concerned Mr. Tanner was with this unexpected change that may severely affect GEFCC’s ability to provide care and may create a gap in health care services for the community’s most vulnerable. Representative Moeller stated her commitment to support GEFCC in the years to come.

Also present was Salvador Rodriguez, a GEFCC Board Member and representative of Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi’s office.  Although the Congressman was unable to attend the event, he sent his congratulations and secured a Congressional Record which was read to the attendees during the event. The Congressional Record included details about GEFCC’s significant contribution to the Elgin community, such as the provision of high quality health care services to 14% of the City’s population, and GEFCC’s recognition as a Hypertension Control Champion by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The event concluded with a brief address by GEFCC’s President/CEO Bob Tanner who thanked the members of the Development Committee for their work in planning the event.  Mr. Tanner recognized Donna Anderson as the “Mother of GEFCC” and thanked her for the many years of service.  Mr. Tanner also thanked LabCorp for their generous sponsorship of the event and recognized GEFCC’s CFO Jason Carey for making sure that GEFCC staff enjoyed a smooth transition to the new Summit Health Center. Finally, Mr. Tanner acknowledged the many significant contributions of GEFCC’s talented workforce which has created the excellent clinical and operational outcomes that GEFCC enjoys, as well as its outstanding reputation throughout the 5 counties in which it operates.