Family Case Management

Learn about the impact that FCM has on our clients

The Family Case Management Program (FCM) is a statewide program that helps income eligible clients with a pregnant woman, infant, or young child to obtain the health care services and other assistance they may need to have a healthy pregnancy and to promote the child’s healthy development.

The goals of the Family Case Management Program are to:

  • Provide access to primary health care
  • Identify and resolve service barriers
  • Provide health education to all eligible clients
  • Reduce infant mortality and morbidity
  • Reduce very low and low birth rates

The program serves pregnant women and infants in families that are below 200% of the federal poverty level. Local FCM programs develop close working relationships with physicians, hospitals, pharmacist, and other specialty medical providers. The FCM program also collaborates (and develops signed working agreements) with community agencies to address barriers in accessing medical services, child care, transportation, housing, food, mental health needs and substance abuse services.

Monthly Baby Shower

Each month we celebrate those moms that are nearing their final month of pregnancy with a baby shower. At this shower, we play games, learn about safety and additional resources and have fun giveaways! Ask your doctor today about learning more about Family Case Management.