Well Child Care

The Well Child Visit is important to your baby’s health. It can also be a time to learn about what to look forward to as your baby grows.

Below are the milestones in which your baby should visit the doctor for a well child visit:
  1. 3 to 5 days
  2. 1 month
  3. 2 months
  4. 4 months
  5. 6 months
  6. 9 months
  7. 12 months
  8. 15 months
  9. 18 months
  10. 24 months
  11. 30 months
  12. 3 years
  13. 4 years

And once every year thereafter, for an annual health supervision visit, that includes a physical exam as well as a developmental, behavioral, and learning assessment.

What to Expect

Well Child visits are an important part of your child’s health. During this visit, the doctor will take measurements, weight, and talk with you about how your child is developing. At various times in your child’s development, the doctor will talk with you about and give your child different immunizations. These are important to protect your child from various illnesses.

Prepare for your Visit

During the visit, the doctor may ask you some different questions to see how things are going. Think about a typical day for your baby and be ready to answer questions like:

  1. How many hours is your baby sleeping?
  2. How many diapers does your baby go through each day?
  3. How active is your baby?
  4. What are you feeding the baby? How often does s/he eat?

Remember you can ask questions too! This is a great time to get answers to different questions you might have.